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Wet Wipes

Wet wipes have become a staple in pocketbooks across the nation, but they are also available for businesses. Antibacterial wipes are a must have in gyms, day cares and senior homes, as well as business offices. No matter what kind of business you have, killing germs on hands and office equipment can help keep sick days down, and employees healthy.


There are two main kinds available on the market today for commercial businesses. The first is sanitizing hand wipes, which can be used throughout the day by employees who don’t have time for, or access to, hand washing facilities. You can easily install wipes in dispensers throughout the office for easy access, and to keep hands sparkling.


The second type of wet wipe that is available are used for items such as touch pads, gym equipment, phones and other surfaces. If you have commonly shared items in your office, such as desks, meeting rooms, benches and locker rooms, then you can use these wipes to clean germs within seconds. You do need to use one wipe per item, however, so you need a good supply on hand at all times.


Luckily, you can find commercially prepared wet wipes that can be purchased in large quantities, for both hands and items that you need cleaned around the office. It is a good idea to have both of these kinds of wipes around, and to keep them in clearly marked containers. While the surface wipes won’t cause damage to the hands, and are made with a safe, alcohol free formula, it is not recommended to use surface wipes to kill germs on hands.


The Benefits of Wet Wipes

The antibacterial wipes that are used on office equipment can safely be used on plastics, rubber, metal and other surfaces without causing any damage to the material. You can also use these wipes on touch pads, such as those you find on security doors, printers, and even the phone. The alcohol free formula and the nice scent allow you to use the wipes without gloves, and on even sensitive skin.


Wet wipes for hands can also be used on a regular basis without drying skin. The lint free wipe will wipe your hands cleanly, without leaving bits of the wipe. The formula is also soap free, so you won’t have to deal with a sticky film on your hands after cleaning them with the antibacterial wipes.


Both the hand and the surface wipes will kill 99.9% of the germs that you come into contact with, including HIV, staph and the viruses that cause Herpes simplex one and two. The wipes will also kill the germs that cause the common cold and the flu, making them vital to have around the office during the winter and spring seasons.


You can purchase your wipes in bulk for a very reasonable price online, and have them all around your office for quick clean ups on both hands and surfaces that are used often.